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If you've ever wanted more traffic to your web site(s), ranking well in the search engines is an absolutely essential element to success, and in order to achieve top rankings in the search engines, you need back links pointing to your web site(s).

The formula to achieving top rankings is very easy; more quality back links than your competitors!

Lets face it; back links (especially one-way relevant back links) are not easy to come by these days, and for obvious reasons. Your competitors are not willing to link to you for nothing in return; and when you have nothing in return, then obtaining links can be very difficult.

If you are in this boat, then this very well might be the most important page you will ever read.

There are literally hundreds of online products and services on the market today selling for $97, $147, $197 and even much higher that claim they can build you back links. Sure you can sit there for hours upon hours spamming each webmaster hoping that one will actually trade links with you... But, if you are like us, youre far too busy and do not have time for that kind of BS...

But hold on a second, there is another way! Wrestle out the wallet and buy your back links from link brokers. These back links will be of higher quality and one-way yes, but on the flip-side, these links also come at a hefty price. Buying just 5 PR5 text links from a link broker could run you about $245 a month...

OUCH!!! I don't know about you but that's a little steep for just a few links pointing to just one of your sites.


To hell with that...

Don't bother buying links one-by-one or some new miracle linking software. Buying links one-by-one is far too expensive and most link popularity software programs require you to spend far too much effort and far too much time on for little result in return.


Why Waste Your Time When You Don't Have To...?



I've been with Backlink Solutions since they launched. It is one of the best organized sites I've ever been associated with.

Oh, and did I mention that it works. I'm talking QUALITY sites. QUALITY links. If you don't think they will make a difference, that's OK, I'd rather be the only one posting to these gems. And one last thing, if you need support, Chad answers his email.. Quickly.

-- Dave Kelly, President,




" Hi Chad

Having tried numerous methods of promotion for my web site, the only one way that has worked consistently well and driven up my websites is via backlinks from relevant sites.

Using a combination of web 2.0, book marking and blogs works and has taken me to top 10 positions for some of my sites in all the major search engines.

Like most other marketers I have tried to buck the system and get a quick fix. This just does not work long term and, for my main sites quality is the only way to go.

The Backlink solutions membership has made that job so much easier and I wonder what I ever did without it.

My new website is launching soon and I will, without doubt, be taking advantage of your great program to help me get top 10 positions for a number of key phrases in record times.

What I like best about this service is, like a good wine, this system improves with age.

As we all use the system the overall results improve. It get better by the day.

Thanks guys for putting together a great service and long live the quality backlinks. "

-- Lloyd Hester,




Dear Frustrated Online Marketer,

Now that I have your attention, ranking well and staying at the top of the search engines is just not going to happen overnight; It's not that easy anymore!. If someone is trying to tell you that it's a walk in the park... they are flat out lying to you... as they try to push you to buy their next miracle software package.

They want you to believe that there are great hidden secrets that only they have, and the only way for you to get a hold of them is to break out your credit card and start spending your hard earned money.

The truth is...

There is a "hidden secret" and it's called Back Links!


High Quality, One-Way Back Links From Web Sites With Good Page Rank, Spider Activity And Trusted By Google, Yahoo And MSN


By now you know that all you need to outrank your competitors is more quality back links than they have, right?

Most people don't realize that they do not need a lot of back links to rank well in the search engines. But you do need more than a few... and the cost for just a few back links from any link broker can break the bank, and fast!


So what are good PR back links worth per month ?


Text links can be bought through text link brokers and there are a few out there to choose from. A few popular ones that I know of are and

These services charge a monthly fee per link. Just take a look at this screen shot from their site to get an idea of what the going rate is for one single link back to just one of your sites.



Here's another popular site where webmasters are paying obscene amounts of money for back links...



Now calculate your cost, per link, per month... and do the math!

Lets estimate these figures and see what it would cost if you went out and bought your links one-by-one from these link broker sites.

Lets break it down with very low average cost per link values:


A PR 3 link for one month would cost you about: $15

A PR 4 link for one month would cost you about: $20

A PR 5 link for one month would cost you about: $35

A PR 6 link for one month would cost you about: $55

A PR 7 link for one month would cost you about: $100

If you were to buy just one from each PR site above it would cost you $235 a month for just 5 back links pointing at just one site... OUCH!

Now, lets have a look and calculate the value of what Backlink Solutions can give to you for starters... again remembering that Backlink Solutions is a community driven system where members have the ability to contribute back into the system; In turn, giving you more sites to build back links from across different servers and unique IP's. Backlink Solutions will always be growing and more and more sites are added each and every month. So as we grow, so will your link popularity potential.


This is what you'll have to work with for starters:


You'll have 500+ sites across 250+ unique IPs that vary in range up to PR5s to post to for starters, and as we grow; every month we will be adding more sites across various platforms that will be built across new servers. Promotion is in effect as well for both old and newly added sites, so they will only grow in power as time goes on - thus increasing the power of your back link(s).

Members are encouraged to submit their own sites for inclusion within our system. This means that contributing members will have the ability to post to even more sites, across a greater variety of web site platforms, more related niche sites to post to and even more unique IPs to build one-way quality back links from.


This is the vision behind Backlink Solutions; A growing community!


Picture a huge network of sites across 500+ unique IPs or more that we can all gain back links and spider activity from. That would be one hell of a jump start for any new site or page you own.


The Sky Really Is The Limit Here!


The beautiful thing about building links within Backlink Solutions is that once they are up, they dont come down - they are permanent! Six months later, your site has benefited from over $6,000 worth of links; enough to completely dominate virtually any niche you desire!

Surely you can see how this system or this community absolutely crushes the need to buy links one-by-one from link brokers AND similar systems currently in existance today?

Consider this; what if you had 50 sites or 100 sites? It wouldnt even be realistic to buy that many links from text link brokers now would it? Since the cost would equate to be nearly half a million dollars a month or more




" Hi Chad,

I love what you're doing with backlinksolutions.

It's one of those great ideas that, once you've seen it, you think, 'why didn't I think of that?'

It's a beautifully straightforward and ethical way to build backlinks, and what I like most is that it's an easy one to outsource.

Keep up the great work. "

-- Dave,




" BackLink Solutions has provided me an amazing opportunity to build legitimate, quality keyword-rich backlinks to my site. Upon producing unique copy, I can distribute it across the collection of high PR blogs maintained by BackLink Solutions, and include quality inbound links that I define back to my site.

This is truly a unique opportunity unlike any other that I have seen on the internet. "

-- Jon,




" BackLinkSolutions has become my number 1 resource when I need quality backlinks for launching a new site or for improving search engine rankings of existing webpages.

Highly Recommended! "

-- Stefan Everaet,




Getting High Quality Text Links Is The Single Greatest Factor In Improving Your Rankings Today!


Imagine, day after day, building dozens or hundreds of back links with little or next to no effort, and to as many sites as you wish while also deep linking your internal pages. No longer get links just for your main page - you can build links to any page on your site making long tail keywords easier than ever to rank for!

Are you building white hat sites?

Are you building sites with PLR articles?

Are you having a hard time building back links for these sites?

How are your search engine results?

Are you ranked at the top or even close?

We're giving you exclusive access to 100's of stand alone, mature, link popular, varied PR web sites hosted on various platforms that are all on unique IP's where you can post an unlimited supply of in-content anchor text content snippets to! Copy, Paste and you're done... your link building is on auto-pilot thereafter.

It really is that simple of a process!



No more requesting links
No more reciprocal links from cheap, worthless sites
No more high monthly prices for text links ads
No more linking to just your index page; Start deep linking sites
No more links that are not related to your sites theme
No more spending hours searching for link partners and spamming webmasters
No more using trickery to gain a link that will only end up getting your sites banned from search engines


This is the Backlinking Solution to Every Linking Problem You've Ever Had... So Don't Waste Anymore Time; Take Action Now as This Rare Opportunity Will Not Be Around for Much Longer.


As Soon as the 50 Member Barrier Has Once Again Been Reached, the Doors Will Close for Good Or Until Positions Free Up!

Why Backlink Solution Really Is the Most Powerful Alternative in Existence Today:


Unrestricted access to hundreds of web sites with High Quality PR
Mature sites with a minimum of one year in existence
Sites that are spidered daily from the Big Three search engines; Google, Yahoo and MSN
Utilizing a large variety of unique C-class IP addresses. 250+ to start
Use your keyword anchor text contained within relevant content to grab unlimited back links from all sites
There are no restrictions to how many sites you can build links for... build for as many sites as you own
Build link popularity for each and every internal page your sites have
Links are also circulated inside the 3.0 Linking System - includes posts being made to our internal Social Bookmarking network
Random links will be also be submitted to top Social Bookmarking networks to increase your back linking power
Simple to setup - Copy, Paste and Submit your content, links and you're back link building is on autopilot thereafter!
We also support Spin Syntax. This means you can use our internal Spin Tool or other external software tools to spin your content and create unique variations in a snap prior to submission
And much, MUCH more!



But Wait! That's Not All! As A Member, Your Links Will Be 3.0 Injected!


Coined by the name "3.0 Linking" - links will be pumped up a step futher with no additional work on your end - this step is done automatically!

Any links you add into the AutoPoster are automatically bookmarked to some of the top social bookmarking sites, but not only that! - they are also bookmarked to our own internal social bookmarking network of 25+ PR4 sites which too, will also be growing steadily over time.

While this may not seem like anything special at first, consider that every link you post otherwise would typically result in ONE back link for your site.

With this 3.0 Linking system in effect:

You'll benefit from getting a link from the blog, links from our internal network of 25 PR4+ social bookmarking sites AND posts will randomly be bookmarked to some of the top social bookmarking directories - 20+


Backflip, Blinklist, Delicious, Furl, and Simpy to name a few...


This Truly is Some Powerful Stuff!


Watch the 3.0 Linking Overview Video

The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires JavaScript to be enabled and the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player. If you are you using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Flash Player by downloading here.

Click Play to watch the video clip.



Join The Backlink Solutions Community Now


If you're serious about your online marketing business in 2012 and don't want to be left in the dust, then take action and join us right now!

Can you guess what the cost to join this incredible community of link building partners that will help blast your SEO rankings through the roof will be?

Before i talk about your pricing options, i want to mention a few more things here.

First off, Colin and I did not build this system to make boat loads of cash from our members; weve built this to give both of us and you, our members a viable and cost effective way to dominate any niche market we want using our back linking network to skyrocket us to the top of the search engine listings.

A very powerful and growing linking solution, all at your finger tips!

It is important to us that the Backlink Solutions community contains no sites that contain links to scraped content or spam generated sites. We are building a high-end, very clean linking solution where we can all benefit from for many years to come.


Now for the bad news...

In order to maintain the highest level of support and service possible, we are limiting the amount of spots to the next 50 members. Once this has been reached, the doors will be closed. If spot(s) become available in the future, those whom are on the waiting list will be notified first.


And for the good news

For the launch period, you have an exceptional opportunity to secure your membership for a low monthly price of $197, $147 only $97! Only the next 50 who act fast will be eligible for this price and those who join there after may pay 147$ a month... so lock in your spot now and save!.

Once we've reached our limit or we decide to take membership down, this opportunity may never be offered again.


Lock in Your Place Today


I think you can see now how the asking prices are not even on the same scale as the value.

After all, you can grab literally hundreds upon hundreds of high quality one way back links for less than the price of a nice meal and a bottle of wine.

If this sounds good to you, I urge you not to wait another second. Secure your spot today. Remember only 50 people will ever be allowed into the program at the same time.

The only way to get in once the 50 spots are gone is to standby on the waiting list in case anybody drops out (not likely to happen). If someone decides they've made enough money and they don't need their membership anymore, you may be able to secure their spot, but the price may never be this low again.


There's really no reason to delay. Become a member with Backlink Solutions now.


Our Rock Solid, No Risk

Our Rock Solid Guarantee!

100% Money Back Guarantee


If for any reason whatsoever you're not 100% satisfied with Backlink Solutions, just contact us with in 56 days of registration and we'll give you a full No Hassle, No Questions Asked Refund!


Only 50 Spots Will Be Sold Before Doors Are Closed, Secure Yours Now!


Lets face it. You can ignore what you've just read and go on with your day as if nothing had happened.

And that's just the way it'll be. Things will stay the same. Your income will stay the same, and your future will not change.

Or you can grab life by the horns and start making the income you deserve right now. If you've got sites sitting around doing nothing, this is the perfect opportunity to blast them to the top of the search engines.

If you understand the power of links at all, there is no reason to hesitate.


I sincerely hope you join us with this opportunity today.

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